PROJECT GLOW is here to enhance Your natural beauty. We aspire to make women feel more beautiful and self-confident while taking the time to appreciate themselves. We all know when you look good you feel good. Eyelash extensions are one way we can care for ourselves and build confidence in the way that we look.  Lash extensions are like a superpower extending your natural beauty. Women who have them tend to wear less makeup and are absolutely in love with the “I woke up like this” look. Save time in your daily routine and pamper yourself. Once you try them you’ll be hooked. Love yourself and combine your inner beauty with outer beauty and see the world through beautiful eyes. 





 Full Set (80-100 lashes per eye)

1.5-2 hours $160

 Lash Mini (30-40 lashes per eye)

1 hour $100

Lash Removal

30 minutes $40


Fills for Classic Eyelash Extensions

1 Week Fill

45 min $40

 2 Week Fill

1 hour $60

 3 Week Fill

1hour 15 minutes $80

 4 Week Fill

1hour 30 minutes $100

 5 Week Fill

1 hour 45 min $120




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