It is necessary to work on clean healthy lashes. Please come to your appointment with cleansed lashes free of eye make-up and 100% free of mascara residue. This will help




We suggest our clients return for a “fill” every 2-3 weeks. A service is considered a “fill” when 50% (or half) the lash extensions are still adhered and in place from the previous service.




1.    Do NOT get eyelashes wet for 24 hours

2.    Do NOT pick or pull on your lashes, this risks lashes being pulled out prematurely

3.    Gently cleanse lashes daily using Borboleta’s lash cleanser or Johnson & Johnson’s baby wash.

4.    Brush them daily. This encourages any lashes in the telogen state to come out, while keeping them looking nice and not tangled.

5.    AVOID OILY PRODUCTS. Anything oily degrades the adhesive. This includes, makeup, eye creams, eye serum, lotion, etc.

6.    Use Neutrogena Oil-Free make up remover to remove make-up. Use a Q-tip and work around the extensions

7.    Cleanse face nightly so lashes are clean while you sleep